The Musical Buzz

Introuduction: Music without a doubt is one of the greatest forms of art ever created. It can express pur deepest emotion & thought, creating a picture in seconds. This art has seen many forms, maybe no more constant then the radio station. 

For as long as most of us have been a live we have first hand memory of this. Rather you’re an 80’s baby in which artist like Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson ruled the airways or the late 90’s to today with artist like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendes. No matter what, the radio station has been here for us. Well here in Philadelphia for well over 20 years these voices & artist have been delivered none better then from the artist known as B101 FM. 

The Buzz that is B101 FM

B101 radio fm is located at 2400 Market Street in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. This staple of one of the richest cities as far as history & entertainment is concerned embodies its location. Calling such iconic buildings like the Hard Rock Cafe & the Reading Terminal Market its neighbors B101’s multi teared building sound & pageantry shines like the site of the tallest buildings down I-95 on a whimsical 75 degree spring afternoon. 

Meet The Voices
Of course you can’t have a radio station without a cast of true talent, charming personalities & entertainment. B101 is complete with that and then some. No matter what time you tune in.

Lets meet the cast:
Jenn & Bill
Andrea Duffy 
Mark Sheppard
Jason Lee
Danny Ocean
Kathy Townsend

And of course every station needs a producer, something that B101 has and then some with their producer Nate.

The Impossible Question
According to Americans this percentage of? Infamous words for a segment that has challenged thousands, the B101 impossible question of the day during the B101 morning shows with two of the shows entertaining & charismatic host and personal favorites Jenn & Bill.

The B101 Impossible question. A staple that has challenged so many.

Ill never forget where I was the first time I heard this now infamous morning segment. On the bus en route to another day in highschool. This segment challenges viewers with questions based on facts regarding tibids that may include something that only 1 outta every 5 or a certain percentage achieve. If you answer it right you get $101 ( get it for B101) if there is a carry over an extra $101 is added each day until it is answered. Maybe one day I’ll call and give it a try. One thing is for certain, B101 loves to give. 

The Charitable Act Of Kindness
Now speaking about giving, this term is really ultized in the most pay it forward & creative ways with B101. Take for example Buzzbee the mascot who goes around all of Philadelphia & the Deleware Valley delivering 101 random acts of kindness to everyone that gets to interact with buzzbee. Truly a way to make someone’s day and then some.

Buzzbee soaring and ready to spread happiness in the area for many.

On top of that B101 has been the model of consistency in the world of charity. For over ten years B101 has been an active contributor a long with the CW & CBS 3 in the Change the Luck of a Child Telethon, a telethon that supports children and familes staying in Ronald McDonald Houses all over the Deleware Valley, along with fully providing support towards St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. In 2018 alone B101 helped provide with the 1.1 million dollars raised for the cause.  (

Truly capturing The Christmas Spirit
Now speaking of raising spirits, Everyone knows the time of year where everyones spirit is raised the most. We of course are talking about the Christmas season. Not only does B101 provide a beacon for all the sounds of the season, but they also take it one step further with their annual Christmas Choir Completion. 

Each holiday season schools from all over the area get the amazing opportunity to showcase their respective chriors in the B101 Christmas Chrior Competition. Out of over 100 plus schools broken down into categories K-8 and 9-12 the top two are then selected and are awarded exquisite prizes & experiences that will truly benefot & never be forgotten. 

Conclusion: Rather you tune in at 6am or 6pm there is no denying the enjoyment & impact B101 continues to provide to everyone here in the Delaware Valley and all over. From music that defied generations or raising funds for charitable causes the one constant for sure is that you can always count and tune onto B101 FM.

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Travel blogging can sure be sweet, which is the operative word when describing the next blog story EnRichingtravelstories got to experience. That’s right everyone we visited what has been christened the sweetest place on earth Hershey Pa. So get that sweet tooth ready, a long with those travel shoes as embark on one sweet adventure. 

The Route.
For our trip we ascended from our starting point of Northeast Philadelphia around 11:30am & took the alternative route of I-95 & 422 avoiding  the renowned PA turnpike to reach Hershey. By taking this route we arrived around 1:30.

Now with all that driving obviously we had worked up quite the appetite so lunch was the first call. Upon entering Herhey my eyes & face were caught with glee to discover that there was a Fudruckers in the area. For those un familar with the name Fudruckers is a create your own burger place with a fixins station ala Roy Rogers back In the day. The experience was so rewarding that I have decided to create a separate blog for this place in the future. For now we will take a sweet turn & head off to Hershey’s Chocolate World. 

Our adventure begins.
(Photo credit All About Hershey LLC)

Hershey’s Chocolate World.
Maybe no place symbolizes the essence of Hershey Pa then Chocolate World. One could argue this is the center of their universe. Similar to the White House or Empire State Building. The massive two story building attracts countless visitors everyday from around the world. When arriving I was not alone, I traveled with others including my best friend & Instragram coordinator Katie. As you start to walk towards the enterence you feel the energy that this place exemplifies, thanks in large part to the sounds of exzilated families, old fashioned trolly cars & drivers who not only zestfully serve as tour guides but also camera people for the exuberant family hoping to capture that magical moment. 

A truly center piece for Hershey PA

Inside The World Of Hershey
Once inside you’re surrounded by all things Hershey. A mecca center of colors, shops & immerse activities. After a few pictures our journey started with a ride through the history of Hershey Chocolate. The ride itself was a combination of narration, fully animated models & full 411 of how a cocoa bean is transformed into the Hershey candy that is loved by millions. (Bonus each passenger receives free candy when done.)

Inside the mecca that is Chocolate World
Our instragram coordinator taking advantage of a photo opportunity.

Photo credit to Katie Szambelak
The making of Hershey’s Chocolate as showcase by our interactive friends

Immersion Is The Norm.
Now interaction & immersion truly is a rightful theme at Chocolate World. On top of the history ride Chocolate World also showcases a 4-D movie adventure & chance to create your very own candy bar. Sadly however we did not have the extra funds or time to experience either attraction. In the future? For sure. With that in mind, it was now time to experience our last sweet portion of this trip, Hershey Park. 

Future plans indeed

Hershey Park.
Located just a tram car or trolly ride away from Chocolate World, Hershey Park grants the area its own representation of Six Flags or Busch Gardens. A magnificent mixture of rides, shops, eateries including a Chick Fil A for those park seekers visiting the area or even wanting to feed there coaster apitites who may not have the Disney budget. 

An ideal view of some of the fun at the park.

A Giant Offer To Save.
Now speaking of the term budget anyone who is traveling to Hershey Park can save up to $3.00 per ticket if they choose to purchase tickets at any Giant supermarket. Upon arrival we decided to survey the park first, which geography structures from a uphill/downhill approach. Now keep in mind I am not a fan of roller coasters or extreme drops so selection at times was a challenge. 

Rides in multiple dimensions.
Our first experience was the parks monorail which allows you to over see the entire park. Now while it was a tad nerve racking being on such a small railine, the experience was breath taking. We over saw not only Hershey park, but also some buildings outside the park. Now after completion my eyes were averted in such curiosity at the sight that was the 3D Recess shooting game. Similar to Disney’s Toy Story 3d shooting game high score supremacy was the main goal. Without a doubt this was my favorite attraction. The vibrant over the top campy invasion of evil candy creations, the 180 degree angles we take to shoot & constant over the top cartoon voice overs completed the experience. 

Heroes and Villains collide in 3D at
Hershey Park.

Becoming An Honorary Elf.
From that point on we pretty much just rode over park favorites like classic cars & the carousel. Now before our journey out of the park we did receive one final sweet tweet. Like in other parks photo opps with mascots was just as emminet and available a t Hershey park, however we feel we got the next step up. During a photo opp with the female Hershey Kiss and Twizzer we were greeted by two elfs. After all this was Christmas time we went. Now while the male elf did not pronuce his elf, the female elf that greeted us was name Sparkle the elf who I promised would make this blog. 

Becoming honorary elfs.
Photo credit to Katie Szambelak

Both embodied the Christmas spirit & gave us the vibe that we were walking down Santa’s toy shop. Before leaving we were taught posses on how to become an elf & one final sweet memory before heading home.

Talk about feeling like you’re in Santa’s workshop.

They call it the sweetest place on earth & in so many ways did it deliever. While we only had the day to spend there was a lot to enjoy. Not just a less expensive alternative, but an area in Pennsylvania that covers all the boxes not only for a sweet travel spot, but also an idea blog spot for EnRichingtravelstories. 

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A Day In The Bay Of Baltimore

November 9, 2019: EnRichingtravelstories took a trip to the home of some of the best seafood in this great land of ours & also residency of the NFL’s Ravens & MLB’s Orioles, Baltimore Maryland. So sit back grab your comfy shoes as we embark through some of the sites that is Baltimore Maryland.

The Route
Our journey began early in the am. 8:30 to be exact. Departure was from the northeast part of Philadelphia, hopping onto highway I-95 all the way to Baltimore. Now fascinatingly enough I-95 will also lead you right to Florida if you choose to continue on driving (if so we obviously hope you stop to rest.) for now our destination was set. 

Time wise with a stop for fuel at Royal Farms took about two hours. If you’re not familiar with the name, Royal Farms is the equivalent to  Wawa or 7-11 a true travel stop for all travelers in need of fuel for the body & car. We arrived in plenty of time for our first stop which was a 12pm tour of Camden Yards. Home stadium of MLB’s Orioles. 

Our stop for fuel heading to Baltimore. The Wawa/7-11 of the area

Camden Yards
Opened in 1992, Camden Yards is truly one of the last of the mohicans in terms of design. An old school ascetic with modern charm. Built on the grounds of an old railroad, Camden Yards was a sight to see in person. One personal highlight for me was seeing the warehouse connected within the stadium. As a kid I remember watching Ken Griffey Jr become the first major leaguer to hit the warehouse with a moon shot home run at the 1993 MLB home run derby during that years all star break.

The entrance to Camden Yards. Home of the Orioles since 1992
The warehouse of Camden Yards. Where Ken Griffey Jr made MLB history

The tour itself was a highlight & truly worth the price of admission. For around $10.00 patrons get to tour the stadium, press box, club boxes, press room, players dugout, stadium grounds & so much more. Our tour guide was a walking encyclopedia of not only the team, but also the game of baseball itself with a truly out going personality. ( truly this was his calling) And if that was not enough we also received free keychains & post cards. A nice sendoff from a grand slam tour indeed. Up next a trip through the mind of Edger Alan Poe. 

Our exceptional tour guide.

Edger Alan Poe House
As a blogger this stop was a must. Quote the raven never more, a literary legend this was the house of Edger Allen Poe. Now when you arrive you maybe first taken a back, not so much about the house itself, but the actual location. The house is located at the end of a set of houses in a residental neighborhood. It blends in like that spare guest room attached to your home.

Creating the perfect vibe for the Poe house

Upon entering we were greeted by one of the very out going staff members & able to glance over some of the gift shop. After paying the very affordable price of $8.00 for adults or $6.00 with a college id. We were given the 411. The Poe house is a self guided tour with only one rule, only one person on the steps at a time. Why? The steps are spiral & space wise only can comfortably handle one person at a time.

Out of the 4 rooms the first room was my favorite. A fire place with two framed pictures & a lighting effect that had my mind envision walking the hallowed halls getting ready to meet poe in  his study. All the rooms were enriched with knowledge & presented in alluring black & white font & looked as if Poe wrote them with a quill pen. We stayed about 45 mins ending our tour viewing furniture actually believed to be used by poe himself. Although we only got a glance, it was that added layer needed to complete the tour.

Furniture believed to be owned by Edger Alan Poe himself.

For our last stop we grab those comfy shoes & head to the pier for some dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Bubba Gump Shrimp
1994: the year Tom Hanks introduced the world to the very loveable & most infamous movie characters ever: Forest Forest Gump from Greenbow Alabama:

Welcome to Bubba Gump Shrimp in Baltimore.

Now outta all the places in my travel adventures that I’ve eaten in, maybe no place adopts its name more then Bubba Gump Shrimp. Had you not known better you would have felt you were walking into Forest Gump history museum. Everything from the Bubba Gump logo, pictures from the movie, replica props of the boat, and personal favorite license plates at every table that say Run Forest Run to alert your server you don’t need anything or Stop Forest Stop & have your server stop & assist your table. I was waiting for Tom Hanks to show up & have dinner with us. Sadly he didn’t, however our dinner more than made up.

If you need your server just flip it over and they will Stop Forest Stop.

The menu which was full of seafood treasures, some named after characters of the movie like Jenny’s catch of the day, mama blues shrimp gumbo soup. All mouth watering that filled your need for seafood in one of the meca’s. From shrimp, to cod, jambalaya, soups, lobster, even steak & chicken options. However I was in Maryland so Seafood was the call. 

A true example of why Baltimore has some of the most exquisite seafood in the world.

My choice was Jenny’s catch which was out of this world made from scratch tilapia with mashed potatoes, spinach & lobster butter sauce. Just typing this I can re-taste every bite. Sometimes in life you can tell when things are made from scratch and this defied it. I had  mix it all together at almost every bite. The butter creates a devine layer for a fresh potato & fish that when sampled gave me  the feeling of going out & getting to sample your own grown food  from natures kitchen, your own garden. Now to some it may seem kinda pricy with an average meal around $15-20.00 with appetizers around $10.00 each, however for the quality of food & getting all the Forest Gump feels it is so worth it. 

So our adventure has come to an end. Baltimore is an exciting city, a great mixture of city/suburb life. It gave me a vibe of Philadelphia esp when driving and finding Corner Bakery Cafe, Chick Fil A & Chipotle all next to each other. The city is also full in sports, arts & shopping including the biggest Barnes & Noble I ever seen. We hope for a return visit sooner then later, until then we hope you enjoyed your latest blog from EnRichingtravelstories. 

Bagels Anyone??

The bagel, as simple by design it is remains a premier breakfast choice wherever you travel. Now if you ever find yourselves in the out skirts between Philadelphia & Bensalem Pa, you will find a shop that not only exemplifies your local community bagel shop, but also has the taste that will make 8am sound delicious. 

Red House Bagel front door & display

Located at 1542 Bristol Pike A in Bensalem Pa, Redhouse Bagels has been delivering morning goodness & as they say “curing” 
hangovers for over 15 years. 

Its all in the name
The name in its own right is apropo because its the type of bagel shop that you will not only feel like you’re at home, but also where any traveler could stop not only for a bite but also find a local who could paint the picture & roadmap for what’s fun in the area. 

Seating & menu
Now while it may seem small, Redhouse delivers on a vibe that feels like going into a small town coffee shop seen in your favorite hallmark movie.

Now what is anything but small is the menu with over 10 bagel choices, breakfast sandwiches, juices, ice teas, & even sweet treats one can’t help but be impressed and wonder where to start. Although to be honest I’m partial to an everything bagel with garlic cream cheese. 

Food Quality
Now speaking of that everything bagel, that does lead us to quality. You can taste the freshness of this bagel or any of the bagels at  Red House. The first bite will hit you like your first sip of morning coffee to help jumpstart your day. Cream Cheese & bagel in perfect harmony of each other. Now sometimes you may have to spread your creamcheese on each half, but thats all personal preference. Other then the bagels you can’t go wrong with the hash browns. 

Serving sizes are plenty for even the most hungry of patrons.

Pricing & Time
Everything is very affordable, in fact you can find yourself rocking two bagels, one for you & one for someone amazing with two Artic Splash  ice teas for only $8.00 total. A nice size orders of hasbrowns is under 4.00. 

Now be sure to be that early riser as Red House is only open from 5:30am-1pm Monday-Friday, 6:30am-1pm on Saturday & Sunday from 7am-1am. But hey even 10am counts as breakfast.

As simple as the design maybe, Red House Bagels leaves patrons with so much more then the simple experience. Next time you don’t feel like making the 8am trip to your kitchen for breakfast or your morning coffee, stop by someone elses Red House your 2nd EnRichingtravelstory.

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Cafe Style & Mac &Cheese Heaven.

Located at Shopping Center 3 West Road in picturesque Newtown Pa the Corner Bakery Cafe not only exemplifies the area, but also creates the vibe of a spring time picnic spot or ideal winter spot for that much needed hot meal while the snowflakes illuminate the air.

From the moment you walk in, one can’t help but notice an art deco vibe; thanks in part to the brick layout that reminds me of a Chicago style Pizzeria.

As far as seating arrangements go, there is both indoor & outdoor seating that is highlighted by an outdoor porch that features its own set out of twinkle lights; perfect for that first date or Instagram moment.

The menu is a variable feast of all season favorites from breakfast to dinner features pancakes, signature salads, hot & cold sandwiches, soups, pasta, mac and cheese dishes & more.

Now we must highlight something on the menu that quite honestly one has to experience, words can’t capture the taste. We are referring to the mac & cheese with bacon & tomato. Simply put in this bloggers opinion it is the best mac & cheese i’ve ever had. Just talking about it makes me want to take the. 40 min drive from my apartment. A combination of flavor, texture of the noodle, richness added with the flavor of the bacon & tomato. Everything works together like a couple who can finish each other’s sentences.

Now we are not discrediting the other menu options. In fact a one time meatball panini order sparked the ideal of adding marina to the mac & cheese. Its just I felt the mac & cheese deserved its own section.

Price wise, Corner Bakery Cafe is very competitively priced, esp compared to other places with similar menus. A great recommendation is their email club. The offers they provide are exquisite, including two entrees for only $5.99 each. Best part is that this offer, among others get delivered every week in your inbox.

In conclusion the Corner Bakery Cafe truly fits every occasion. With an art deco flair and an all seasons menu that captures your taste buds, the Corner Bakery Cafe in Newtown truly captures a spot of an Enriching travel story.

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